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Cosmic Casa

by Aussteiger

Rebel 04:30
Stand up dont let your people down Stand up dont fear what is around I used to struggle hard, suffer a lot Until I took my balls and going for what Stays with me anyway Flows through my blood and veins every day I went through hell saw no way out Best friends became strangers what’s life about Chorus: I am a rebel are you a rebel ? Still wearing proud our golden hearts oh yeah You think I'm losing, but Inside I'm winning We are just humans with soul and heart lookin` for love Hold tight, the feeling is right Come around nobody in sight I feel the pressure and no one is there I take a walk through nature, fresh air I feel abundance although all I don't have much Enough to live just wanna feel your touch Enough to give and share with you I have been down, but now I’m shining through Chorus: I am a rebel are you a rebel ? Still wearing proud our golden hearts oh yeah You think I'm losing, but Inside I'm winning We are just humans with soul and heart lookin` for love
Boogie Down 06:15
Freeman 04:19
Unchained 03:51
Floating 04:14


German multi-instrumentalist Aussteiger delivers his Cosmic Casa LP, a voyage through obscure feel good energy, and intergalactic funk. The dynamic producer proved his versatility once more, curating a wholesome journey from start to finish, completing its mission to land on mother earth this December, sitting comfortably on his own imprint, Dub Disco.

The first half of the album is a fusion of disco, house and pop, with quirky vocals lacing each of the tracks. Opener ‘Rebel’ is a slow burner before developing into a slick and curious outing with the eclectic and particular sound of his singing voice, taking you through the motions as you enter the world of Aussteiger, are you a rebel?
Next on the agenda is ‘The Feeling’ featuring vocals from Nico Leivo from Buenos Aires & Stephen Paul Taylor, the Synth Pop Troubadour, heating things up some more with a retro club energy. ‘IWBYL’ sits slightly more stripped back than the opening pair, smooth and sleek drum work melds with an eccentric vocoder effect, making this some pure mellow magic. On an Electro tip is ‘Boogie Down’, immediately you feel the warmth of this early morning record mover, a track that should be shared with friends in a cosy environment after a long night.

Gliding you into the second half of the album is ‘Pacific Dream’ A moving and classy deep house number from Aussteiger with pure passion oozing from the seams of the track. Raw and euphoric synth work winds its way round the body of the track. The aptly named ‘Leonardo Breaks’ is an amalgamation of broken drums and lush pads that brush by. ‘Freeman’ again continues to build on the sense of freedom you begin to build as you listen to the ‘Cosmic Casa’ album, a floating and blissful experience from start to finish. Coming from a different direction is penultimate track ‘Unchained’, maintaining the depth of the album. Last but not least is the closing track ‘Floating’ a glimmering outro giving you permission to land from the cosmic experience you have just endured, breezy like a summer's afternoon leaving you with an accomplished feeling.

A tasteful, inspiring and emotive encounter from the Dub Disco founder, melding different textures, flavours and genres to make something beautiful, with each track communicating with the others to make a well rounded album and powerful listening experience. Positive music at its finest.

Mixed by Ed Longo at Soundrays Studio.
Mastered by Marco Pellogrino, Analog Cut Mastering.


released December 18, 2020

Artwork by Victoria Stampfer
Mixed by Ed Longo at Soundrays Studio
Mastered by Macro Pellegrino at Analogcut Mastering


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Dub Disco Berlin, Germany

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